The Plan

The main goalĀ for this year is to hold a Charter Convention; to gather supports together to physically sign a document , which will then be used in 2018 as the main focus point for the movement.

Leading up to the convention I’ll be holding meetings and house parties, promoting the digital elements of the campaign and generally building the movement.

After that, the main strategy I envision will be simple- we will conduct a huge nation-wide petition drive, and present that petition to all levels of government. If the Charter is not supported by current politicians, we’ll campaign for politicians who will support it.

We’ll continue to apply this sort of pressure, whilst at the same time building up the membership of an online voting platform (as mentioned in point 10 of the charter). With increased resources and functionality, an alternate voting platform will emerge, capable of better organising the populace throughout the year, creating compelling soft power for change, and preparing itself for more formalised use in the future (such as the adoption of point 10 of the charter).