The Charter

What is the will of the people?

The charter is an ever changing document, based on the input of its supporters. This is the current form, as of September 2017:

We desire the following to occur, so as to better our democracy:

1. It is to be made illegal for politicians to lie to the Australian people (in their capacity as representatives).

2.  When in Parliament, politicians must act in a more civil, constructive and mature manner, per an updated and strengthened code of conduct.

3. When Federal and State government is formed or returned at an election, the nominated Prime Minister or Premier cannot be prematurely removed from that position by their colleagues unless they lose the confidence of the majority of their parliament.

4. Elected representatives are to be solely and directly responsible to their constituents and therefore controlling, coercing and otherwise pressuring elected representatives and how they vote through political Party rules, discipline and structures is to be outlawed

5. Election campaign mass media advertising (print, radio, television and digital) is to be banned.

6. Those seeking elected office are to clearly articulate their positions- such as what promises they make, what they will attempt to achieve in office etc. and enter them into an official Electoral Commission document at the beginning of their campaign, which they can keep updated as the campaign proceeds.

7. Political donations must be given by individual Australian citizens, be capped and flow through the Electoral Commission which registers and publishes the amount given, who is donating and to whom, before release of funds.

8. A federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is to be established.

9. Public funding for Federal elections is to be distributed evenly to candidates prior to elections. Amongst other safeguards, to access these funds candidates will need to convince a jury of citizens that they are mounting a serious, credible campaign.

10. Prior to election day, a democratic online voting platform will be employed to determine up to ten issues to be voted upon by the public during elections, so as to clearly express the public will on important issues and policy, and to allow referendums to occur more frequently and cheaply.






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